About Projects

I will post selected projects and demos here. Have you had any questions or found any bugs, feel free to contact me at

I will update this page from time to time.


KNEREX: Platforms for Deep Learning

[Summary] The project aims to develop tools to automatically analyze the statistical information on neural networks in deep learning and generate refined networks for dynamic fixed point.

[Technologies] Thread Pool, ONNX, Protocol Buffers, Jsoncpp

[Programming Languages] C++, Bash, Python

[Progress] I'm currently working on this project to support more radix settings.

SafetyPredictor: Prediction Systems for Online Ride-Hailing Drivers

[Summary] It’s the project I worked on as a software engineer intern at Didi Chuxing in Beijing, China. The project focuses on the prediction to the safety level of drivers on online ride-hailing.

[Technologies] Spark, XGBoost, Machine Learning

[Programming Languages] Java, Python, Bash, HQL

[Progress] Archived.

SmartUpdate: Algorithms for Packet Classification

[Summary] It’s the project I worked on as a software engineer intern at Juniper Networks in Beijing, China. The project focuses on the optimization of rule updating for the packet classification problem, which is widely used on firewalls or access controls on the Internet.

[Technologies] DPDK, Internet Packets, Firewall Rules.

[Programming Languages] C/C++, Bash, Python.

[Progress] Archived.

DiffusionPredictor: Prediction Systems for Social Networks

[Summary] It’s the project I worked on as a research assistant at Network Security Lab of Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. The project focuses on predictions of the structures of diffusion events on social networks leveraging public opinion.

[Technologies] Crawlers, Sentimental Analysis, Machine Learning

[Programming Languages] Java, Python, MATLAB

[Progress] Archived.


Bills Book

[Summary] It is a web development project, based on spring MVC.  Users can add bills including descriptions, dates, and amounts. Users can also delete and update any of their bills. Please use the user admin (password: admin) to test the demo.

[Technologies] Spring MVC, spring security, hibernate validator for the back-end; bootstrap and jquery for the front-end.

[Programming Languages] Java for the back-end, HTML, Javascript for the front-end.

[Progress] I'm currently working on moving the whole application to Spring Boot.